About us

Trekmentor website is a virtual university guiding you towards supreme success.

We use the word "supreme success" with utmost care. You may wonder what exactly "supreme success" is. You may want to know whether we have reached that status to talk about "supreme success". If we haven't reached such a status, we probably haven't experienced it. Then we shouldn't know what "supreme success" is. Then what we say about "supreme success" is something we don't know about. Our statements become self contractory. We should be day dreamers and we should accept ourselves to be fools. In that case, what credibility is left for us to claim that we can make you supremely successful? It's precisely impossible for someone or a group of persons who had not reached the supreme success to make you supremely successful.

We don't ask you to believe in us, anything or anyone else. We don't build upon any basic set of beliefs. We don't ask you to assume things. Instead, what we spread around the world is based on the facts that you will not be able to refuse by any means. For example, if you drank some water, we don't even want you to believe that the water would be in your stomach. Instead, we will simply ask you to accept the fact that you got water into your mouth and you swallowed. If you do figure out that the water you drank had gone into your stomach with no uncertainty, then accept that too!

We are not a regular business that you would have come across. While many businesses are geared towards optimizing monetory value, we are clear about why we or anyone else should not consider monetory performance as a measure of success. Nor we treat indicators in typical balanced score cards as measures of success. Applied to self, our goal is not optimizing monetory value of Trekmentor. But we ask you to pay us, at your own discretion, at your own convenient time (before or after you receive our services - only if you are satisfied and delighted), for a purpose. Whether you pay us or not, our treatment to you will be equal. If we render a service to those who pay, we render the same service equally to those who do not pay.

We do not offer you diplomas, degrees or certificates. For those who become successful, there is no need to have certificates to prove anything to anyone.

We will be setting up virtual schools that cater for multiple disciplinaries: business, law and order, politics, education,... and will cater to people in all age groups - from children to the elders. We don't run courses for years. As we go about adding content and features to our website, you will be invited to explore all the schools and study at your own pace. To figure out what's in the horizon, visit the Schools page.