All Possible Rights Granted

You are granted permission to copy, distribute and use the ideas and content found in our website subject to the following limitations:

  1. Trekmentor is a source of ideas and concepts that are very fine grained and fully or partially grasped by only a limited number of people based on their ability. What we disseminate will help everyone in the world. However, it is easy for some people to misinterprete these ideas and concepts. Such misinterpretation can cause damage to them even though they typically fail to recognize such damage. Hence, all efforts are made by us to reduce the ability to misinterprete what we say. If you communicate what we say to others, please attempt your best to reduce the possibility for misinterpretation. If you detect something wrong or find inconsistencies in what we say, please be kind enough to inform us. It allows our correction.
  2. We do not necessarily need attribution. But attribution is suggested since end consumers of ideas and content that originate in our website will be able to trace back to us for explanations, suggest alternative views to us and/or receive updated content from us. This is vital for idea and content purification at multiple points (the source, intermediate carriers and final consumers). It also provides a recorrection mechanism for possible distortion of information during transmission through a chain of people. Hence, we suggest attribution. But you are free to decide and act appropriately.
  3. If you alter the content and/or ideas during copying, transmission or distribution to others, you are suggested to include the original versions of them and the reasons for alterations in addition to the presentation of versions with your modifications. This is important for temper free information transmission and learn our mistakes if you detect any. This establishes a collective correction process. Unless you include the reasons for alterations, end consumers face the risk of consuming incorrect information (if we are correct and you are wrong). You face the risk of never receiving corrective feedback (if you are wrong and/or we are wrong). We face the risk of never learning our mistakes (if we are wrong and you or other end consumers are correct). So please do good to everyone by assisting temper free transmission of original information and inculding modifications with reasons for such changes. Again, you are free to decide and act appropriately.
  4. Here are some possible forms of attribution: "Trekmentor dd/mm/YYYY", " dd/mm/YYYY" where dd/mm/YYYY represents the date you copied our content. You are free to use these forms or any other form(s) that you may feel better serve your purposes. For example, you may decide to use the full URL of a web page instead of "". You may decide to omit the date.
  5. This website may containt quotes of others, passages of text, images, other content, ideas, concepts that originate not at Trekmentor and/or not made by a person working behind this website. In case you copy, transmit, distribute or use such, appropriate permission to do so should be obtained from respective owners. In case you find content that explicitly declares a personal view of a person behind Trekmentor website, you are again free to copy, transmit, distribute and/or use such views.
  6. This website may contain personal data of others. You are not given permission to copy, transmit, distribute, access or use such personal data in manners not authorized by us.
  7. The software we use to run our website may add content to what you receive in your web browser (like Cascading Style Sheet content, JavaScript content, some icons and images). Such content that belongs to the delivery platform we use have copyright and licensing requirements that originate at the creators of such software. For your rights to use such content, please contact respective owners of such rights. Generally, they have their roots as open source software that allow you to use them free of charge. Main text of articles, images, etc that are delivered by using the delivery platform are free for your consumption in ways you prefer.