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Trekmentor is a source of ideas and concepts that are very fine grained and fully or partially grasped by only a limited number of people based on their ability. The purpose of Trekmentor is to provide guidance to those who are capable to be supremely successful.

This presentation of Trekmentor is a service brought to you by H. M. K. S. K. Wickramanayake.

Scope of these Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions govern the activities we carry out with you. Our legal relationship with you with respect to the Trekmentor website and directly related activities is described by these Terms & Conditions together with the Privacy Policy and All Possible Rights Granted - our copyright policy. Our additional services and/or activities not mentioned here may have different and/or additional terms and conditions applied to them.

We prefer a world where people live in harmoney without rules, terms and condions. Kept aside the preference, many of us fail to live like that. One of our minor goal is to make you live like that. Hence, these Terms & Conditions are here to stay until we understand each other, become friends and look after the needs of each other. To the maximum extent possible, please avoid exercising these Terms & Conditions to exploit us. Neither we want to exploit you based on these Terms & Conditions.


Trekmentor is a source of ideas and concepts that are very fine grained and fully or partially grasped by only a limited number of people based on their ability. What we disseminate will help everyone in the world. However, it is easy for some people to misinterprete these ideas and concepts. Such misinterpretation leading them to commit bad deeds can cause damage to themselves even though they typically fail to recognize the damage to themselves. Hence, a significant effort is taken by us to reduce the ability to misinterprete what we say.

We also take a significant effort to bring to you error free ideas and concepts. However, our determination of ideas and concepts to be error free solely depends on our present understanding which we explicitely claim to be less than perfect. Hence, self discretion is highly adviced than merely accepting or rejecting what we communicate to you. Please be kind to us and let us know our errors and mistakes. We are flexible to alter our views as long as you make an effort to communicate your views and rationals in a manner that we can understand. We may or may not accept what you say. But we will seriously listen to you and attempt to understand you.

Our primary intention is to make you supremely successful. However, the path may not be as smooth as you want. Often, your good deeds may appear to cause bad repercussions. Such can happen due to many reasons. In many instances, your determination of what is good may actually be bad. Or else, the repercussions of your good deeds may come later on and/or often in ways not immediately recognizable. Disregard the temporary gains, losses and/or damages. Continue to explore yourself and continue your good deeds until you have full visibility as to what is good and what is bad and the repercussions.

We shall not be liable for any gains, losses and/or damages arising from the application of ideas and concepts you learn from us since your application is beyond our purview or control. If you want to provide credit or praise us, direct them at "Trekmentor", not the person or persons working behind this website.

Changes to these Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions and any additional terms and conditions that may apply to additional services are subject to change.

Changes to these Terms & Conditions are posted on our website. In general we do not send notices regarding such changes. We will not intentionally attempt to exploit you. Trekmentor website and related efforts by us are meant for your benefit and our benefit, but not to be used as a platform for either party to exploit the other.


Various terms in these Terms & Condition have a defined meaning as follows:

"Trekmentor" shall by no means be equated to or compared with the person or persons running this website and carrying out website related activities during the past, present or future times;

"Trekmentor Website" or "Website" shall mean the collection of websites available at http://www.trekmentor.com/, http://www.trekmentor.org/, http://www.trekmentor.net/ and http://thripitaka.org/ that are operated and owned by H. M. K. S. K. Wickramanayake;

"H. M. K. S. K. Wickramanayake" shall mean a Sri Lankan citizen living in Sri Lanka who can be contacted via post at 41/1, Rambukkana Road, Mawathagama, Sri Lanka;

"We", "us", "our" shall mean H. M. K. S. K. Wickramanayake;

"You", "your" shall mean you, the natural person or legal entity in whose name we deal with.